Swarm POC series

now project features and POC milestones are managed under https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/projects/6

POC 0.1: plan bee

  • underground dev testnet launched on BZZ day (3.22 is l33t for BZZ)
  • create ansible and docker for node deployment
  • a few public gateways

POC 0.2 sworm

  • rebase on geth 1.5 edge
  • small toynet deployed, see network monitor
  • support for separate url schemes for dns enabled, immutable and raw manifest - feature #2279
  • Ethereum name service integration
  • scripted network tests, cluster control framework
  • algorithmic improvements on chunker split/join
  • algorithmic improvements on upload/download
  • algorithmic improvements in kademlia and hive peers manager
  • calibrating kademlia connectivity parameters to toynet scale
  • orange paper series released hosted on swarm toynet
  • minimalistic swarm homepage
  • adapt to felix’s rpc-client-as-eth-backend scheme to run swarm as a separate daemon
  • merge into main repo develop branch

POC 0.3

Priorities are not finalised, this is just a tentative plan. The following features are prioritised for POC 3 (subject to change)

  • docker on azure: complete test cluster deployment and remote node control framework
  • comprehensive suite of typical network scenarios
  • syncer rewrite - syncdb refactor to storage
  • mist integration
  • storage monitoring and parameter setting API for Mist swarm dashboard
  • bzz protocol should implement info for reporting - feature #2042
  • improved peer propagation #2044
  • abstract network simulation framework
  • protocol stack abstraction, pluggable subprotocol components - (swap, hive/protocol, syncer, peers) for pss
  • new p2p API integration - feature #2060
  • pss - unicast
  • swap rewrite
  • obfuscation for plausible deniability

POC 0.4

  • enhanced network monitoring, structured logging and stats aggregation
  • unicast/multicast messaging over swarm - pss
  • swear and swindle http://swarm-gateways.net/bzz:/swarm/ethersphere/orange-papers/1/sw%5E3.pdf
  • smash/crash proof of custody http://swarm-gateways.net/bzz:/swarm/ethersphere/orange-papers/2/smash.pdf
  • swarm DB support phase 0 - compact manifest trie and proof requests
  • SWarm On-demand Retrieval Daemon - feature #2049 = sword. ethereum state, contract storage, receipts, blocks on swarm
  • ~implement (a reviewed version of) EIP-26~ obsoleted by ENS and the vickrey auction
  • swarm namereg/natspec rewrite - enhancement #2048
  • ~solidity contractInfo standard and contract source verification support~ https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/5d5lyd/first_contract_to_contain_swarm_hash_to_its/

POC 0.5