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Welcome to go-ethereum

Last edited on December 15, 2022

Go-ethereum (aka Geth) is an Ethereum client built in Go. It is one of the original and most popular Ethereum clients. These documentation pages are intended to help users download, install and use Geth.

Where to go from here

First, make sure you have sufficient hardware, then download and install Geth. Make sure you are familiar with the security considerations and have your firewall set up.

If you are just starting out with Geth, head to the Getting started page. That page guides new users through some basic functions of Geth such as creating and securing accounts and making a transaction.

Then, it is recommended to read the material in the Fundamentals section - these pages will help build a foundational understanding of how Geth works from a user perspective and under the hood.

More advanced topics are also available - explore them using the sidebar!

Developers and contributors

If you want to help develop Geth or build decentralized apps on top of it, head to our Developer documentation.

More resources

We have a library of videos and articles on our Resources page and answers to common questions on the FAQs page.


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