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Last edited on August 14, 2023

Here are more resources for a deeper understanding of Geth and related topics.


Geth team AMA: August 2022

Ethereum stack exchange


Geth team AMA at Devcon 6, Bogota

Sina's EVM tracing workshop at Devcon 6, Bogota

Péter at ETH Prague 2022: Ethereum in numbers: where TPS meets physics

Marius at ETH Amsterdam 2022: Deep dive into Geth

Péter interview at ETH Prague 2022:

Guillame at Devconnect 2022: Stateless Ethereum

lightclients at Devconnect 2022: Future of Ethereum accounts

Zsolt at Devconnect 2022: Geth in the pos light client ecosystem

Jared at Devconnect 2022: Removing SELFDESTRUCT

Marius interview at ETH Prague 2022

Marius at ETHOnline 2021: The Merge from the perspective of the execution layer

Péter's 2020 online Geth AMA

Martin at Devcon 5: Protecting the base layer

Péter at DevCon 5: Monitoring Ethereum infrastructure

Péter at DevCon 4: Plugging metadata leaks in Ethereum

Péter at DevCon 2: Import Geth in Go

Péter at dotGo 2016: Immutability in Go


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