clique Namespace

The clique API provides access to the state of the clique consensus engine. You can use this API to manage signer votes and to check the health of a private network.


Retrieves a snapshot of all clique state at a given block.

Client Method invocation
Console clique.getSnapshot(blockNumber)
RPC {"method": "clique_getSnapshot", "params": [blockNumber]}


> clique.getSnapshot(5463755)
  hash: "0x018194fc50ca62d973e2f85cffef1e6811278ffd2040a4460537f8dbec3d5efc",
  number: 5463755,
  recents: {
    5463752: "0x42eb768f2244c8811c63729a21a3569731535f06",
    5463753: "0x6635f83421bf059cd8111f180f0727128685bae4",
    5463754: "0x7ffc57839b00206d1ad20c69a1981b489f772031",
    5463755: "0xb279182d99e65703f0076e4812653aab85fca0f0"
  signers: {
    0x42eb768f2244c8811c63729a21a3569731535f06: {},
    0x6635f83421bf059cd8111f180f0727128685bae4: {},
    0x7ffc57839b00206d1ad20c69a1981b489f772031: {},
    0xb279182d99e65703f0076e4812653aab85fca0f0: {},
    0xd6ae8250b8348c94847280928c79fb3b63ca453e: {},
    0xda35dee8eddeaa556e4c26268463e26fb91ff74f: {},
    0xfc18cbc391de84dbd87db83b20935d3e89f5dd91: {}
  tally: {},
  votes: []


Retrieves the state snapshot at a given block.

Client Method invocation
Console clique.getSnapshotAtHash(blockHash)
RPC {"method": "clique_getSnapshotAtHash", "params": [blockHash]}


Returns the signer for a specific clique block. Can be called with either a blocknumber, blockhash or an rlp encoded blob. The RLP encoded blob can either be a block or a header.

Client Method invocation
Console clique.getSigner(blockNrOrHashOrRlp)
RPC {"method": "clique_getSigner", "params": [string]}


Retrieves the list of authorized signers at the specified block number.

Client Method invocation
Console clique.getSigners(blockNumber)
RPC {"method": "clique_getSigners", "params": [blockNumber]}


Retrieves the list of authorized signers at the specified block hash.

Client Method invocation
Console clique.getSignersAtHash(blockHash)
RPC {"method": "clique_getSignersAtHash", "params": [string]}


Returns the current proposals the node is voting on.

Client Method invocation
Console clique.proposals()
RPC {"method": "clique_proposals", "params": []}


Adds a new authorization proposal that the signer will attempt to push through. If the auth parameter is true, the local signer votes for the given address to be included in the set of authorized signers. With auth set to false, the vote is against the address.

Client Method invocation
Console clique.propose(address, auth)
RPC {"method": "clique_propose", "params": [address, auth]}


This method drops a currently running proposal. The signer will not cast further votes (either for or against) the address.

Client Method invocation
Console clique.discard(address)
RPC {"method": "clique_discard", "params": [address]}


This is a debugging method which returns statistics about signer activity for the last 64 blocks. The returned object contains the following fields:

  • inturnPercent: percentage of blocks signed in-turn
  • sealerActivity: object containing signer addresses and the number of blocks signed by them
  • numBlocks: number of blocks analyzed
Client Method invocation
Console clique.status()
RPC {"method": "clique_status", "params": []}


> clique.status()
  inturnPercent: 100,
  numBlocks: 64,
  sealerActivity: {
    0x42eb768f2244c8811c63729a21a3569731535f06: 9,
    0x6635f83421bf059cd8111f180f0727128685bae4: 9,
    0x7ffc57839b00206d1ad20c69a1981b489f772031: 9,
    0xb279182d99e65703f0076e4812653aab85fca0f0: 10,
    0xd6ae8250b8348c94847280928c79fb3b63ca453e: 9,
    0xda35dee8eddeaa556e4c26268463e26fb91ff74f: 9,
    0xfc18cbc391de84dbd87db83b20935d3e89f5dd91: 9