miner Namespace

The miner API allows you to remote control the node’s mining operation and set various mining specific settings.


Get your hashrate in H/s (Hash operations per second).

Client Method invocation
Console miner.getHashrate()
RPC {"method": "miner_getHashrate", "params": []}


Sets the extra data a miner can include when miner blocks. This is capped at 32 bytes.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.setExtra(extra string) (bool, error)
Console miner.setExtra(string)
RPC {"method": "miner_setExtra", "params": [string]}


Sets the minimal accepted gas price when mining transactions. Any transactions that are below this limit are excluded from the mining process.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.setGasPrice(number *rpc.HexNumber) bool
Console miner.setGasPrice(number)
RPC {"method": "miner_setGasPrice", "params": [number]}


Updates the interval for recomitting the miner sealing work.

Client Method invocation
Console miner.setRecommitInterval(interval int)
RPC {"method": "miner_setRecommitInterval", "params": [number]}


Start the CPU mining process with the given number of threads and generate a new DAG if need be.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.Start(threads *rpc.HexNumber) (bool, error)
Console miner.start(number)
RPC {"method": "miner_start", "params": [number]}


Stop the CPU mining operation.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.Stop() bool
Console miner.stop()
RPC {"method": "miner_stop", "params": []}


Sets the etherbase, where mining rewards will go.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.SetEtherbase(common.Address) bool
Console miner.setEtherbase(address)
RPC {"method": "miner_setEtherbase", "params": [address]}


Sets the gas limit the miner will target when mining. Note: on networks where EIP-1559 is activated, this should be set to twice what you want the gas target (i.e. the effective gas used on average per block) to be.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.SetGasLimit(number *rpc.HexNumber) bool
Console miner.SetGasLimit(number)
RPC {"method": "miner_setGasLimit", "params": [number]}