miner Namespace

The miner API allows you to remote control the node’s mining operation and set various mining specific settings.


Get your hashrate in H/s (Hash operations per second).

Client Method invocation
Console miner.getHashrate()
RPC {"method": "miner_getHashrate", "params": []}


Sets the extra data a miner can include when miner blocks. This is capped at 32 bytes.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.setExtra(extra string) (bool, error)
Console miner.setExtra(string)
RPC {"method": "miner_setExtra", "params": [string]}


Sets the minimal accepted gas price when mining transactions. Any transactions that are below this limit are excluded from the mining process.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.setGasPrice(number *rpc.HexNumber) bool
Console miner.setGasPrice(number)
RPC {"method": "miner_setGasPrice", "params": [number]}


Start the CPU mining process with the given number of threads and generate a new DAG if need be.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.Start(threads *rpc.HexNumber) (bool, error)
Console miner.start(number)
RPC {"method": "miner_start", "params": [number]}


Stop the CPU mining operation.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.Stop() bool
Console miner.stop()
RPC {"method": "miner_stop", "params": []}


Sets the etherbase, where mining rewards will go.

Client Method invocation
Go miner.SetEtherbase(common.Address) bool
Console miner.setEtherbase(address)
RPC {"method": "miner_setEtherbase", "params": [address]}